HR Through the Technology Lens

Thursday, June 25
12-1 pm

Join us for an interesting session on the opportunities being presented to Human Resources by the changes in social patterns and technology.  We will explore the impacts of personal and social behaviors and their insertion into our work life, supported by substantial technology breakthroughs.  Businesses are feeling the impact of transformation and making changes in where they sell, how they sell, and to whom they sell.  Human Resources in turn feels those same impacts in who they need in the organization, how to find them, and how to utilize their talents.

As we discuss these trends, our speaker, Nov Omana, will provide a backdrop of the ways that HR, in organizations of all sizes, can leverage these changes to benefit the workforce and the organization.  He will explore the communication, infrastructure, and programs needed as you evaluate the transformations that make sense for your company.  And he will provide examples of the experiences of other companies who are pioneering HR programs to take advantage of the extensive and innovative changes that technology is providing.

Join us to help transform our thinking about the future of Human Resources by signing up for this session.

Our Distinguished Speaker:

Nov Omana is CEO/Founder at Collective HR Solutions, Inc.

“Today, it is no longer an HR TECHNOLOGY industry that we must understand – but rather the Technology that impacts HR.” – Nov Omana, HRIP 

With experience in the HR Technology arena for over 35 years, he has assisted numerous companies in structuring their HR technology strategy and systems.  Nov is known for his thought leadership and understanding of combining and leveraging technology with a reputation for “connecting the dots” between technologies to create new solutions and solve business problems.

A frequent keynote presenter, moderator, or contributor for HR associations’ presentations, Nov is often sought by media for opinions on the industry in general and for insight on technology trends.

Collective HR Solutions, Inc. provides HR Technology and Business Process consulting, innovative uses of technology to solve business needs, and partnering with other small businesses with specialty skills in Human Resources and technology.

Nov serves on several Boards, including:

  • Northern California Human Resources Association Board
  • International Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) Board of Directors (Chairman and Past Chair) – Board service ended in December 2014
  • IHRIM Educational Foundation Board (Vice President) – Current
  • Advisor to the Oracle HR User Group Board (OHUG) – Current
  • VoomWell Advisory Board
  • Insynctive Advisory Board
  • ShadowMatch Advisory Board
  • Wealth of Talent Advisory Board
  • CollabWorks Talent Leadership Team

Nov also is a certified Human Resources Information Professional, HRIP, since 2010 and winner of the prestigious IHRIM Summit award.





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