“IHRIM has provided me with the advantage of knowing the latest trends in technology and what’s coming in the near future. It also is very helpful to be amongst your peers and have the ability to do “knowledge sharing” on the projects we’re currently working on. We learn so much from each other.”

–Beth Fegan
Vice President HR Information Management


“Because our field is so specialized, most people don’t even know what an IHRIM professional does. So it’s wonderful to be in the same room with those that share our passion for this profession. We are fortunate to learn from, network with, and help each other succeed. In using IHRIM as a means to benchmark with other corporations in the area, I have also found it to be a confirmation of what we are doing right.

–Marien Kaifesh
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Corporate HRIS Manager


“From a knowledge perspective, IHRIM helps me stay in the “know” on leading edge advancements in the HR industry. I also value the huge network of people I can connect my clients with when they need help solving a problem or researching an issue or trend.

In my opinion, IHRIM is the best professional organization for HRS professionals.”

–Brenda Leisinger
Right Team, Inc.
President, CEO


“Bottom-line? It is a terrific network. I recently had an issue with taxation of a benefit that I needed help with. After calling some other members, I quickly had valuable information that helped shaped the right direction to take.

It does not matter what industry you belong to, you are going to benefit from belonging to IHRIM. We continually learn from each other, and the Cleveland Chapter does a great job to bring in speakers on the latest trends in the industry.”

–Marvin Pflaum
Cuyahoga Community College
Director, HRIM

“With the business climate changing continually, I can always count on IHRIM to keep me up to date on the latest trends, with practical applications I can take back with me to the office.

My membership is a win/win for my company and me. I belong to an organization that fosters relationships with other companies. So I have the opportunity to network and grow professionally, and the company benefits from the exposure in the marketplace.”

–Kim Reinhardt
ADP National Account Services
District Sales Manager

“Because IT is not my background, over the past eight years, IHRIM has really helped to round out my knowledge of technological applications. Through my association with this wonderful group, I’ve been able to enhance HR administration in my organization through entering a hosted environment for our HR systems, and the start-up of an on-line job application system.”

–Debra Wells
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Director, HR